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Counsel to the Competition®

Kristopher E. Twomey has exclusively represented competitive telecommunications and broadband Internet providers for 22 years. After 5 years specializing in telecommunications and Internet law for firms in Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, Kris created this law firm in 2002 from the depths of the dot com bust. Through focus and client loyalty, the firm has continued to grow now representing more than 150 competitors across the U.S. The firm limits its representation to CLECs, fiber to the premise developers, wired and fixed wireless ISPs, managed service providers, VoIP and UCaaS providers. The firm also counsels international clients on U.S. telecommunications and Internet law. The firm provides a comprehensive set of legal services to telecom and Internet providers including federal and state regulatory matters, contract drafting and negotiations, dispute resolution/litigation, and serving as outsourced general counsel.

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