Representing Fiber Providers, CLECs, ISPs, and VoIP providers nationwide

101 Netlink- WISP and VoIP, California

360 Communications- WISP, Washington ISP, CLEC, and VoIP, Florida

Aero Group- ISP, CLEC, and VoIP, Illinois

Aeronet Wireless- WISP, Puerto Rico

AireBeam Broadband- WISP and VoIP, Arizona

AirLink Internet- WISP, Oklahoma

Alamo Broadband- WISP, Texas

Aloha Broadband- WISP, Hawaii

Allied Telecom- ISP and VoIP, Virginia

Altazip- WISP, Utah

Alternative Technologies- ISP and VoIP, California

Anexeon- ISP and VoIP, Nevada

Arbuckle Communications- WISP and VoIP, Oklahoma

Athena Broadband- CLEC, WISP, and VoIP, Tennessee

Atlantech Online- Fiber, ISP, and VoIP, Maryland

Autophone of Laredo- WISP, Texas

Blaze Broadband- WISP and VoIP, Virginia

Blended Technology- VoIP, Ohio

Bluespan Wireless- WISP and VoIP, Arizona

Broadvoice- VoIP, California

California Broadband- WISP, California WISP, Louisiana

CasAir- Fiber and WISP, Michigan Fiber, ISP, and VoIP, North Carolina

Central Coast Internet- WISP, California

Cirra Networks- WISP and VoIP, Texas

CKS Wireless- WISP, Texas

Cloud Alliance- WISP, Vermont

CMS- Fiber, WISP, and VoIP- Michigan

COLI Communications- Fiber, WISP, ISP and VoIP, Michigan WISP, California

Communications Authority- ISP and VoIP, Florida

Communications Specialists- WISP, North Carolina

Computer Services- ISP, Kentucky

Computer Works- WISP and CLEC, Arkansas

Conxxus- Fiber, Cable, WISP, and VoIP, Illinois

CresComm- WISP, Washington

Crocker Communications- Fiber, ISP, and VoIP, Massachusetts

Cruzio- Fiber and ISP, California

Cyber Broadband- Fiber and WISP, Alabama

DataYard- CLEC and ISP, Ohio

DC Access- WISP, District of Columbia

DSLExtreme- ISP, California

Dynamic Packet- VoIP, Delaware

Eastern Oregon Net- CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, Oregon

E-vergent- WISP and VoIP, Wisconsin WISP, Wisconsin

Fast-Air Internet- WISP, Michigan

Fastmetrics- Fiber, ISP, and VoIP, California

Fiber Internet- Fiber and ISP, California

FTX Networks- Fiber and ISP, Oregon

Global Connect- CLEC, California

Gorge Networks- Fiber, CLEC, and ISP, Oregon

Haug Communications- WISP, Kansas

Hilltown Networks- WISP and VoIP, Massachusetts

Hubris Communications- CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, Kansas

Hunt Telecom- Fiber, CLEC, and VoIP, Louisiana

Ideatek- Fiber, CLEC, and VoIP, Kansas

Indian Creek Internet- WISP, Texas

Inetvisions- WISP, Missouri

Info-Ed- WISP, Tennessee

Infowest- Fiber, WISP, and VoIP, Utah

Innova Communications- Fiber and ISP, South Carolina

Intelliwave- WISP and VoIP, Ohio

Internet Services of the Lowcountry- CLEC and ISP, South Carolina

Kinex Telecom- Fiber, WISP, CLEC and ISP- Virginia

Knetworx- WISP, Alabama

Kosmaz Technologies- VoIP, California

LakeNet- Fiber, WISP, and VoIP

Litewire- WISP, Wisconsin

Little Apple Technologies- WISP and VoIP, Montana

Mainstream Fiber Networks- Fiber and ISP, Indiana

Mercury Network- WISP and VoIP, Michigan

Merrimac Communications- Cable, Fiber, ISP and VoIP, Wisconsin

Missouri Telecom- CLEC and ISP, Missouri

Mobius- ISP, CLEC, and VoIP, Louisiana

Mohave Broadband- WISP, Arizona

Mountain Wireless- WISP, New York

National WiFi- ISP, Florida

N2Net- ISP and VoIP, Ohio

Net2Atlanta- Fiber, CLEC, and ISP, Georgia

Netlink Voice- ISP and VoIP, Mississippi

New Frontiers- CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, Maryland

NewBreak Communications- WISP and VoIP, Mississippi

Nexus Group- ISP and VoIP, Tennessee

NGL Connection- WISP and VoIP, Wyoming

North Branch Networks- WISP, Vermont

NTInet- ISP and VoIP, South Carolina

NTS Services Corp.- CLEC and ISP, Illinois

OACYS- Fiber, CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, California

Odessa Office- WISP and VoIP, Washington

Online Northwest- Fiber, WISP, CLEC, and VoIP, Oregon

PBX-Change- CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, Florida

PCS-WIN- WISP, Indiana

Peace Communications- CLEC, ISP and VoIP, Tennessee

Peak Internet- WISP and ISP, Colorado

Penny Tone- VoIP, California

Plexicomm- Fiber, CLEC, and WISP, New York

PogoZone- WISP, Washington

QCC- CLEC and Interconnect, Maryland

Quantum Telecommunications- CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, Maryland

Race Telecom- Fiber, CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, California

Ranch Wireless, WISP and VoIP, Texas

Rapid Systems- WISP and VoIP, Florida

Raw Bandwidth- CLEC and ISP, California

Rayfield Communications- VoIP, Missouri

Reach4 Communications- WISP, CLEC, and VoIP, Louisiana

Red Shift Internet- WISP and ISP, California

Resort Internet- ISP and VoIP, Colorado

RevTel- Fiber, CLEC, ISP and VoIP, Tennessee

Royell Communications- WISP, Illinois

Seimitsu- Fiber and CLEC, Georgia ISP and WISP, California

Shelby Communications- Fiber, CLEC, and WISP, Kentucky

Skycom1- ISP and VoIP, Louisiana

Skymoon Telecom- Fiber, California

Skynet Country- WISP, Texas

Skywave- Fiber, WISP, and VoIP, Nebraska

SmarterBroadband- WISP, California

Socket Telecom- Fiber, CLEC, and VoIP, Missouri Fiber, CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, California

SonicNet- WISP, Wisconsin

South Valley Internet- Fiber, CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, California

SurfAir Wireless- WISP and VoIP, Indiana

Technology Solutions of South Carolina- Fiber, ISP, and VoIP, South Carolina

TecInfo- WISP, ISP, and VoIP, Mississippi

Telusion- VoIP, Connecticut

TerraNova Telecom- ISP and VoIP, Florida

TigerFish Communications- VoIP, Indiana WISP, Louisiana

USVI Broadband- WISP, U.S. Virgin Islands

Veloxnet- WISP, Illinois

Vistabeam- WISP and VoIP, Nebraska

Voxbeam- VoIP, Florida

Voxox- VoIP, California

Waterford WISP- WISP, Virginia

Wavefly- WISP, ISP, VoIP

Wheatland Broadband- WISP and VoIP, Kansas

WiFi Midwest- WISP and VoIP, Missouri

Willits Online- CLEC and ISP, California

Wireless Data Net- WISP, Illinois

Wirestar Networks- Fiber, CLEC, and ISP, Texas

WorldSpice Technologies- ISP and VoIP, Tennessee

WesTex Connect- WISP, Texas

Wisper Internet- WISP, Illinois

XMission- Fiber, CLEC, ISP, and VoIP, Utah

XpressAmerica Internet- CLEC, WISP, and ISP, Maine

ZipLink Internet- WISP, Texas